Pump Station System Diagram

Pump Monitoring System

Monitor, alarm on, and data log pump station parameters with a FleetZOOM device!

Signals like run time, duty cycle, duplex ratio, flow rate, tank level, inlet/output pressure, 3 phase power status, can all be monitored from one or multiple FleetZOOM units on site.

Watch your pump station data as live graphs on an easy to use website on your smartphone or computer, from your office, at home or on the road. Compile reports over any date ranges with totalized flows. The included monitoring website logs all data and every event captured by all of your FleetZOOM devices.

Receive notifications by email and text message on your phone or computer 24x7 wehenver the status of your pump station or lift station changes!

Get real time status updates and alarms that will help keep all of your pump stations operating in top form.

How It Works

FleetZOOM devices used for pump or tank monitoring can pick up pump run and tank level signals from your pump station control panel. If an alarm or status change occurs the wireless monitoring unit transmits the signal to the monitoring website where the condition is recorded and then distributed to as many cell phones as SMS text messages or emails to computers and smartphones.

Easy to Use!

Ideal for water and wastewater pump stations, street drainage lift stations or runoff pumps, the FleetZOOM pump station monitoring solution provides lift station remote monitoring to make sure your water system is in top form. Remote pump monitoring ensures critical the water system is ready while extending life and reducing maintenance costs.

FleetZOOM FZ300


When the status of your pump or tank changes, notifications and alarms are instantly sent via SMS to cell phones, and by e-mail to PCs or smartphones.

The included monitoring website (web portal) provides management tools, live status, event and alarm history, maintenance and service logs, as well as mapping to show the location and status of all of your equipment and sites, on one easy to use website. It doesn't matter what type of equipment or site you want to monitor, the web portal shows all equipment types and sites on one screen. You can also group or split them by equipment type, location, ownership, etc.

Monitored Pump Station & Lift Station Signals

  • Utility Power Failure Alarm
  • Pump Failure Alarm
  • Pump Run Time Data Logging
  • Pump Duty Cycle Data Logging
  • Pump On/Off Status & Logging
  • Water Pressure & Flow
  • Wet Well Level with High/Low Alarm
  • Pump Warnings, Faults & Alarms
  • Generator Status & Alarms

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Pump Station Monitoring Web Portal

Pump Station Monitoring Features

  • Fast Installation & Easy Configuration
  • Web-based, wireless system - No dedicated computers or software required
  • Access to site/equipment from anywhere: home, office, hotel, etc.
  • DC power supply keeps system up during power outages
  • Multiple digital inputs, dry contacts, NO or NC
  • Multiple analog inputs, 4 to 20 ma, 0 to 5 vdc
  • Continuous diagnostics, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Immediate notification of alarms and events
  • Daily status updates of each site by email and/or text
  • History file captures all events and alarms, date and time stamped
  • Service and maintenance log to track all work or repairs performed on equipment
  • Web-based configuration and description for each alarm/event
  • Alarms/events sent by text message to cell phones and by email
  • Records all events in an event statistics log
  • Individualized event messaging
  • Generates reports from history and event statistics file
  • Capable of monitoring almost anything

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