Pump Monitoring with FleetZOOM (cont'd)

Street drainage or runoff lift station pumps remove water that collects at the bottom of underpasses or other parts of streets or highways that won't drain naturally. The bigger the street, the larger and more critical the pumping station is to ensure safe passage for cars and trucks.

Most street runoff pump stations feature a large 50 to 100 horsepower pump, a wet well, tank level sensor, and in most cases a backup standby generator to power the pump during power outages that occur during severe storms.

Without a pump station monitor, the city or department of transportation has to rely on someone to call them if the pump station has malfunctioned. During malfunction an underpass could fill with water making it impossible for traffic to get through. Worse yet, any cars or trucks that risk driving through the runoff flooding that will accumulate will endanger their occupants.

It is in the best interest of the city or department of transportation to use a lift station monitor for pump stations with a system like FleetZOOM provides so crews can be dispatched when a lift station alarm goes out to crews so they can repair them or block traffic when necessary for the safety of drivers.

Pump Pressure Monitoring from FleetZOOM

Cities and departments of transportation need continuous real time remote monitoring of all of their pump stations to provide the highest quality of service to their residents.

In the past a telephone based alarm autodialer or an expensive proprietary pump station scada telemetry system were utilized at each pump station to meet these objectives.

Now thanks to improvements in technology FleetZOOM is able to provide an easier to install and lower cost wireless real time monitoring system. FleetZOOM models like the FZ100, FZ200, and FZ300 provide full lift station scada capabilities at a cost of a simple cellular lift station monitoring system.

Pump Monitoring from FleetZOOM

Some key features of the FleetZOOM wireless pump monitoring system include totally wireless operation; no phone lines or data lines are required at the facility. The entire system is web-based so no software is bought or needs to be installed to utilize the system.

The lift station pump monitor system is easy to install, and an internal battery backup on the transmitter keeps the system up and operating during power outages in addition to notifying city and department of transportation personnel about loss of power at a particular pump station.

The system provides daily email and text updates and gives immediate notification of any alarms or events. Each daily report can display pump run time, duty cycles, on/off status, water pressure, flow, utility power status, wet well levels with high/low alarm status, pump warnings such as pump moisture or pump over temperature, general faults and all standby generator status and alarm conditions.

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