FleetZOOM monitoring devices can be integrated to many types of equipment and systems. Standard models are shown below, but we also offer custom configurations for specialized applications.


3 Digital Inputs

1 Digital Output

Typical Applications

Simple Equipment Monitoring

Single Pump Monitor

Panel Power Monitor


6 Digital Inputs

2 Digital Outputs

1 Analog Input

Typical Applications

Small Generators

Simple Pump and Tank Applications

Low Cost Auto Dialer Replacement


14 Digital Inputs

4 Digital Outputs

2 Analog Inputs

Typical Applications


Pump Stations

Industrial Equipment

Auto Dialer Replacement


14 Digital Inputs

4 Digital Outputs

10 Analog Inputs

Typical Applications

Equipment With Many Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Level or Other Variable Signals

Municipal Water & Wastewater Substations

Landfill Gas Collection Systems