FleetZOOM monitoring solutions can be applied to many types of equipment. Common solutions are shown below, but just about anything with dry contacts (relays) or analog sensors (temperature, flow, pressure, tank level, etc.) can be monitored by FleetZOOM devices.

Equipment & Machinery

FleetZOOM equipment monitoring units can pick up alarm and status signals from almost any piece of equipment.

Our monitoring solutions help make sure your equipment is in top form at all times. Remote monitoring ensures critical equipment is ready while extending life and reducing maintenance costs.


Generator monitoring with FleetZOOM devices provide alarm notification capabilities in addition to run time data logging for a total generator management system. FleetZOOM generator monitoring devices operate using cellular telemetry and are completely wireless, eliminating the need for a phone line or hardwired connection.


FleetZOOM's landfill gas monitoring solutions also provide leachate monitoring features including flow rates, tank levels, and wastewater pump monitoring to provide a complete landfill gas system and effluent management solution. Remote equipment monitoring solutions from FleetZOOM for landfills also provide more functionality than simple auto dialer monitoring systems by offering continuous landfill methane data acquisition capabilities including combustion temperature and flow rates.

Pump Stations

FleetZOOM devices for water and wastewater monitoring provide pump run time and duty cycle logging features in addition to remote power monitoring and tank level monitoring.

Lift station monitoring solutions from FleetZOOM provide more value than an auto dialer because they log operational statistics and enable a user to monitor any number of facilities from a single web page using the FleetZOOM Web Portal.

Auto Dialer Replacement

If you have an old autodialer monitoring equipment, a FleetZOOM device provides a simple upgrade to modern features like web accessible data, daily status emails, alarms via SMS text message or email, and more.

Rather than dialing one person at a time, a FleetZOOM Autodialer replacement can contact dozens of people simultaneously if needed. The status of your equipment can be monitored on your phone, PC, or in your own NOC if you like.

Check out FleetZOOM for low cost autodialers with great features.