Alarm Autodialer Monitor Information (cont'd)

Analog inputs on the FleetZOOM FZ300 interpret electrical signals from sensors or transducers that provide a voltage or current which varies proportionately to the quantity of what the sensor is measuring. A good example is a fuel level sensor for a fuel tank.

Alarm Auto Dialer for Generators

Let's take a standby generator for example, a fuel level sensor is used to output an analog signal continuously sampled by the alarm auto dialer. This analog signal tells the autodialer the fuel tank level and enables it to keep track of fuel burn rate.

It can even estimate how many engine run hours are left before the generator runs out of fuel. In this case the genset fuel level acts like a generator hour meter in reverse, counting down how long the generator can run before it will need fuel. Since auto dialer systems notify interested personnel whenever an important status change occurs, many auto dialer system features can be combined to provide a form of closed loop feedback.

As the generator runs and depletes the tank, once it reaches a certain fuel level, a fuel service can be notified that automatically dispatches a crew to refill the tank for the generator needing additional fuel. If the fuel level reaches a critically low level, a supervisor can be notified so an alternative fuel service can be called to refuel.

The whole time while the genset is running, data acquisition of the fuel burn rates is stored by the system for reporting and later analysis of efficiency providing autodialer scada features. This fuel efficiency data can be exported into a variety of formats enabling equipment owners to evaluate the performance of their equipment and spot trends before they become major problems.

Alarm Auto Dialer for Pumps

Digital outputs on the FZ300 provide a means to remotely control industrial equipment. These digital outputs are typically dry contacts or relays that can switch an electrical load on or off remotely. While most of the time the remote control features are used infrequently, there is no technical limitation to the number of times they can be used per day.

A common use for an industrial alarm autodialer digital output is remote control of a landfill flare. In a landfill gas system the landfill flare used to burn Methane gas may need to be shutdown or restarted due to severe weather, or if a landfill gas to energy plant at the facility is coming online or going offline. Landfill operators are increasingly interested in their greenhouse gas emissions as they explore incentives for alternative energy programs. They may use data from flare shutdown reports in combination with other collected monitoring data to calculate carbon offsets, and finally the aggregation of data across all of their sites to validate carbon credits and total carbon footprint.

Industrial equipment owners and operators depend on continuous remote monitoring of their equipment to provide the best possible service at the lowest cost. Advanced wireless alarm autodialers like the FleetZOOM FZ300 provide key features to improve the efficiency of almost any industrial service depending on equipment. Now, thanks to improvements in wireless technology, an easy to install and low cost wireless monitoring system can be used to meet their needs.

Industrial Alarm Auto Dialer

Key features of the alarm auto dialers are totally wireless operation, no phone lines are needed as is the case with conventional telephone autodialers. Auto dialer cellular models use the existing cell phone networks to send and receive data. A web based monitoring interface is provided with FleetZOOM service and is capable of many reporting metrics of interest to equipment managers, but is also easy to use and install thanks to its design.

An internal battery backup on the RTU (remote telemetry unit) enables operation during power outages while an onboard temperature sensor enables the system to double as a temperature alarm auto dialer which notifies interested personnel about environmental conditions in addition to power loss at the site monitored.

The system provides daily updates by email or text. It gives immediate notification of any alarms or events. Users can access the remote monitoring system from anywhere, be it a home, the office or any place with internet access. The web-based configuration features provide flexible options for the sensor and transducer setup, while the online reports and history files make exporting data for all the events and alarms a snap.

As a manager of industrial services that rely on equipment, consider the benefits of a wireless alarm autodialer. FleetZOOM provides a complete alarm autodialer, remote monitoring solution.

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