Alarm Autodialer Monitor Information

A wireless alarm auto dialer like any of the FleetZOOM devices keep owners and personnel responsible for industrial machinery and equipment constantly up to date with equipment status and alarm reports from their entire fleet. By integrating the alarm autodialer into the into the piece of monitored equipment, the unit is able to transmit data about the equipment to a monitoring website and then dispatch update notifications through email, SMS, pager or any other communication medium appropriate for the application.

Wireless alarm auto dialer systems have a variety of I/O (input/output) to accommodate different electrical interfaces or sensors on the equipment to be monitored. These include digital inputs which monitor any signal that is either on or off such as dry contacts (relays), TTL or other digital (on/off) voltage thresholds, and sometimes direct physical interface to remote annunciators, such as those commonly used on standby generators.

Industrial Autodialer

An industrial alarm auto dialer can also measure analog signals, typically voltages or currents, and trigger alarm notifications if the monitored signals fall outside of a configured normal range.

Finally, digital outputs that can drive external relays or PLCs are on most FleetZOOM autodialers. These outputs enable the industrial auto dialer to remotely control the piece of equipment it monitors. This remote control can be used to remotely start a genset, to turn a pump on or off, or just about anything else where a benefit is realized from auto dialer monitoring.

While digital inputs only detect two signal states, these two states can have different meanings depending on the application. Common digital input states include on or off, high or low, alarming or normal, and running or stopped. The meanings of these signals are arbitrary. It's the electrical signal level that is important to the RTU (remote telemetry unit) in its determination of status for the monitored digital signal.

An auto dialer alarm is triggered from a status change on the digital inputs is detected. Even though a digital input used for remote monitoring can detect only two states (on or off or sometimes high or low- referring to the voltage level of the signal), additional useful information can be derived from these signals over time.

Alarm Auto Dialer for Panels

On a security system a digital input can monitor a door switch, triggering an autodialer alarm whenever the door is opened unexpectedly. For a security application such systems can be used as an emergency auto dialer to notify interested personnel of any condition deemed important by the facility managers.

On a pump station a digital input is used to monitor when the pump is running or off. With statistical features, an advanced industrial autodialer calculates the total pump on time, the number of times the pump turned on and off. Also, the duty cycles of the pump motors can all be tracked over timeframes such as the past day, week, month, year. Additionally the reporting features of a FleetZOOM wireless autodialer enables the user to export this data or run the statistics over a specific date range of interest, such as a reporting period mandated by a regulating body or a range used for service billing or auditing.

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