Equipment Monitoring with FleetZOOM (cont'd)

Landfill gas operation managers need to keep close tabs on their entire gas collection system at each landfill. Once it was complicated and expensive to do this with landfill scada (supervisory control and data acquisition) telemetry systems, but now, thanks to the latest technology it is possible to utilize cost effective wireless cellular telemetry that provides real time monitoring for all of the parameters detailed above.

The days of using hard wired telephone alarm autodialers that simply play back pre-recorded messages are becoming a thing of the past. With the continuous, real time, wireless landfill monitoring from the FleetZOOM FZ400, landfill operators get a complete report of all alarm and status signals, in addition to flows, temperatures, tank levels and pressures.

The FZ400 landfill monitor keeps an eye on the entire operation, continuously transmitting temperature and flow data, providing landfill statistics as well as alarming on any event that warrants immediate attention from the landfill gas operation manager.

The FleetZOOM system can also interface with a landfill gas analyzer enabling the data collected from the monitoring system also enables reports on greenhouse gas emissions. As the technology has become more advanced, 24x7x365 data and status is at the fingertips of the gas operations manager and all other interested personnel. No one has to monitor data by physically being at the facility.

Landfill Green Initiatives and Sustainability

Key features of the FZ400 remote landfill monitoring system include totally wireless operation with no phone lines or data lines required at the facility. The entire system is web-based so there is no software to buy or install. The monitoring system is easy to both use and install thanks to its design.

An internal battery backup on the transmitter keeps the system operating during power outages in addition to notifying the operation manager about loss of power at the facility. The system provides daily updates by email or text. It gives immediate notification of any alarms or events.

Each daily report displays total gas flow and leachate production or reduction totals.

You can access the landfill monitoring system from anywhere, be it home, the office or any place with internet access. The web-based configuration features provide flexible options for the sensors and transducers setup, while the online reports and history files make exporting data for all the events and alarms a snap.

Don't risk unexpected and inevitable flare shutdown events, anomalous flow readings, chart recorder failures or power outages occurring without knowing about them right away.

FleetZOOM provides a full featured continuous sampling wireless real time landfill monitoring system!

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